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About Us

About Us

Saving Energy Today & Tomorrow!


Saving Energy

As a part of our responsibility to save energy, The Energy Saving Solution family has placed product quality, saving energy, business integrity, and customer fulfillment at the core of our industry. The result has been an outstanding success in the industry, and it is determined to carry this success far into the future.

Our Product

Our products have a proven track record with exceptional standards in preserving energy, durability, and quality. We believe that delivering quality products and providing the best service/support is the key to our long-term future success.

Saving Energy DIY

To put saving energy DIY products in homeowners’ hands for projects that they can do themselves. Saving energy is very important these days as prices keep rising. We need to save on energy at home saving energy. These can be simple products like a radiant barrier installation; simple to install. Just put it over the existing insulation. Boom, you energize your attic insulation just like throwing a shade tree over your home. Now that is saving energy.

Products like our solar power fan come with a lifetime warranty. We know people work very hard for their money, so our products need to be the best to save energy. We need to stand behind them with a lifetime warranty on most of our products.


Our focus is on air quality and energy efficiency, now more than ever. Our services reflect our extensive expertise, giving you and your family the same service needed to bring you safety and comfort and save energy.

Your health, your comfort, and our planet are personal to the Energy Saving Solution team. that is why we provide the highest quality products, saving energy, and services that best fit your needs AND your budget. You will find no other team that partners our level of quality saving energy with your level of savings.


With the experience of over 30 years in energy service and saving energy, you will quickly discover the passion and care for our clients. Before everything else, we are committed to delivering the utmost respect to our community from one family to another.

What we do,


Compassion, now that’s a powerful word. The meaning of compassion is to recognize the suffering of others and then take action to help. 

So it is our mission to help people who need help too, do yard work, trash pick up, clean up trash, and save energy.

We volunteer our time and products to assist people that cannot afford the cost. To make their house energy efficient so they can save on utilities.

Global Warming

Working together to accomplish one goal is what makes the world go around.

Saving Energy

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your service.