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Benefits Of Radiant Barrier Insulation

Attic Insulation

Why install radiant barrier insulation in your home?

Some of the answers have a lot to do with how this new sort of material measures up to traditional fiberglass or roll insulation. It’s head and shoulders above some of the old solutions in many ways, so let’s talk a bit about that. 

What’s the difference between the new stuff, and the old stuff? Experienced installers would just shake their heads and laugh when you ask this question, and tell you that they’re like night and day. But there are benefits aside from how much better the new radiant barrier insulation is designed.

Energy Efficient

These types of insulation generally have a high R-value. They will help protect your home for years to come. They are also very durable and stand up well to pressure over time. That translates to better TCO (total cost of ownership) for your home, and better stability when it comes to property values. 

Humidity Resistant

Unlike some types of insulation, for example, insulation with cardboard or paper backing, radiant barrier insulation is uniquely humidity resistant. Moisture won’t get in and corrupt it, and your area will stay dry and livable. That’s important when contractors are talking about “breathable” solutions and upgrading insulation to be able to better withstand a damp season. 

Mold Resistant

Another side point here is that radiant barrier insulation is also mold resistant. Mold can be a really concerning contaminant indoors. Toxic mold can have an effect on people’s health. Mold can have an enormous impact on property value. So having a mold resistant insulation in place is a good step toward safeguarding your investment in a property.

Easy Installation

The last thing is what we were referring to above, talking about what professionals say when they look at this type of new insulation.

You take a roll of it off the truck, and you look at it. It’s thin, it’s adaptable and flexible. It doesn’t have irritating fiberglass foam or that stuff that looks like cotton candy.

All of this helps with the practical aspects of installing new radiant barrier insulation for a home or property. Ask us about your choices, and what will best serve your needs in your home, for use over a number of years, with the ins and outs of the seasons.  A proactive plan helps to give you peace of mind as you use your furnace in winter, and air conditioning system in summer, knowing that your HVAC footprint is operating with good insulation – on solid ground. 

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