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Climate Change Doing Enough?

Diy Energy Saving Solution

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Saving Energy

LED lights will save you on your energy bill, and power strips can also save your energy bill. Many other products can save energy bills and put money back into your pocket.

So with all the technology at our fingertips, it is still hard for us to reduce climate change. The parking lots we have, like the 1000 watt cab be, lower to about a 430 watt light fixture. That’s a considerable saving, especially if you have a lot of parking lot lights.

Diy Energy Saving Solution

What we do

But still, no matter what we do, we do not take the steps necessary to reduce climate change. Looking at the pictures, I will show the glaciers and 1900s to now, and you can see the damage we have done.

So Far We Have

National parks and beaches are all representations of climate change erosion due to weather-related incidents. More extreme because of the climate. Wildfires are burning woods and houses more and more. Flood in areas that have not seen flooding before. Weather patterns have changed over the year and have caused damage to towns and cities.

There is no rain in some areas that have had plenty of water in the past but need water today. Farmers have difficulty growing food because of the lack of water or too much water. Some water is not good to drink because of the chemicals in the water that we use to grow our food, grass, and trees.

WE cut down trees and damage the ocean, the one natural way the get rid of the c02 emissions. Instead of protecting our ocean, we drill more and more oil from the ocean. We spill all kinds of chemicals and sink ships in the sea. We are causing more damage than good for humanity.

Pass it on

We keep pushing the issue from one person to the next person. For example, if we had a firecracker and had to extinguish it, we kept passing it on and on to the next person because it’s their responsibility and not our problem, and the firecracker would go off curse hurt somebody.

Thats what we do

So that’s what we’re doing climate change and reducing the CO2 emissions we need to cut. We’re pushing it onto someone else’s responsibility; it’s not ours is there’s oh no, it’s not ours, it’s your responsibility, and it doesn’t make any sense.

We need to grab hold of it, grab the bull by the horns, say enough is enough, and take drastic measures to reduce the CO2 carbon footprint.

That would fit in a nervous fear; if we don’t well look at the pictures you have seen of the icebergs on the north pole and see them disappear, that’s how our world will disappear. We cannot just do one area of the world and not help the other area of the world to reduce the CO2 emissions; it is a global crisis.

No matter what

So whether you choose to install LED parking lot lights, LED flat panel office lights, or even LED wall packs. Ensure that the LED wall packs you’re installing are made to last. But let’s do something to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint in this world. So maybe in 70 years or so, we can look back and say we did something to help our planet instead of doing nothing and passing it on to other people.

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