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Do ceiling fans save energy?

Ceiling Fans

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Does a ceiling fans save energy?

Ceiling fans we all have them in our home. The ceiling fans look great and provide lighting. They also circulate the air in the room where we have the fans installed. So do fans have a purpose other than circulating air?

Why do we have ceiling fans?

By moving air, ceiling fan creates a wind-chill effect in which the air feels cooler to the skin than the actual temperature. The atmosphere in the room will still feel as if it were being cooled.

Do ceiling fans burn a lot of electricity?

We know that ceiling fan do not use very much electricity in fact about 1 cent per hour is what a solar fan uses. So compared to other appliances in other electric use products it does not use that much. Even the best ceiling fans use energy.

In fact, energy savers have a few tips that will save you on your energy bills. As far as cooling your house with a ceiling fan.

how to save energy using electric fan

You can save energy simply by turning up the thermostat a few degrees and turning off the fan when not in use.

Tips on picking a ceiling fan

Couple of things to consider when buying a ceiling fan.

  1. The size of the room for your ceiling fan.
  2. 2 is how many blades does a fan have.
  3. Does it have lights with the fan?
  4. Does it have a reverse motor on it?
  5. How wide are the ceiling-fans?
  6. What type of blades are on the fan.
  7. Is it an energy star ceiling fan, an energy-saving ceiling fan?
  8. Does your ceiling fans with remotes?

Are ceiling fans cost efficient?

Silly fans do not use that much electricity to run but nor do they really cool your house. They create what they call a wind chill effect. Which makes your skin feel a little cooler than what it is actually temperature is in your room,

Do ceiling fans actually save energy?

Because of the wind chill effect, you can set the thermostat about 4 degrees higher than normal that way you can save on average up to 30 to 40% a year on your energy bill. Also do not forget if you’re not in the room like a light switch make sure you turn it off. Because it’s not doing any good leaving it run in a room that you’re not in. Also, don’t forget to adjust your thermostat when you leave the house to save energy you do not leave your ceiling fans on.

Direction should a ceiling fan turn

In the summertime because of the heat rising up into your ceilings your fan should run counterclockwise which would create a downward draft to get the wind chill effect. But in the wintertime, you wanna reverse that to clockwise to create an updraft that way the heat or the cold air gets up and mixes with the hot air. 

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