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Great Tips For DIY Enthusiasts Who Want To Eliminate Home Energy Waste

Diy Energy Saving Solution
Great Tips For Diy Enthusiasts Who Want To Eliminate Home Energy Waste 2

As the summer rages on in the United States, the average homeowner is starting to dread the arrival of their monthly energy bill. A recent study found that approximately 60% of the energy consumed by homes in the United States is wasted. If you consider yourself a DIY enthusiast, then you are probably curious about what projects can help you eliminate home energy waste. 

Reducing the amount of energy your home wastes will require the right products and tons of hard work. Starting the process with an in-depth home inspection is the best way to identify potential sources of energy waste. Read below for some advice on projects you can take on to make your home more energy-efficient

Insulating Your Water Heater is a Great Idea

The typical residential water heater will run for up to five hours a day. There are a number of factors that can make a water heater consume more energy. Taking the time to feel the outside of your water heater will help you identify issues involving standby heat loss. If the outside of your water heater tank is warm to the touch, then a lot of heat and energy is being wasted. 

If you want to stop this problem, then you need to realize the importance of insulating your water heater. With the help of a quality insulation jacket, you can reduce the problems caused by standby heat loss. The insulation kit offered by Energy Saving Solution can help to reduce heat loss by up to 45 percent. Not only will insulating your water heater help you conserve energy, it can also make this essential plumbing fixture last longer. 

Check Your Garage Door For Drafts

If you live in one of the millions of homes in the United States that have a garage, then keeping the door attached to this space in pristine shape should be a top priority. The older your garage door gets, the harder it will be to keep it properly sealed. If the air heated or cooled by your HVAC unit is escaping through damaged garage door insulation, your energy bill will grow with each passing month. 

Rather than wasting energy, you need to work on insulating your existing garage door. With the addition of new insulation, you can save energy and reduce the amount of noise that can be heard through your garage door. 

Fix Leaky Air Ducts

A good-running HVAC unit is something some homeowners take for granted. If various parts of your HVAC unit aren’t properly sealed, energy waste is bound to occur. Leaks around HVAC ducts are extremely common. If you detect leaks around your ducts, then you need to invest in durable duct insulation. This insulation is designed to seal your air ducts and can eliminate air leakage issues.

Ignoring the energy waste problems your home has can get expensive. This is why you need to work on attacking these problems head-on. With the tips in this article, you can reduce the amount of energy your home uses.

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