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Old Solar Power Fan Replacement

  • Mark W 
Greenhouse Gas, C02, Hail, And Wind Resistant Design

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Old Solar Power attic Fan Replacement

I got a call from someone telling me that their Old Solar Power attic Fan Replacement was not working. I asked her what kind of fan it was. She replied it was a solar attic fan. I wondered, when did you get it installed.

She said it had been about ten years, and I replied, “OK, maybe it is time for a new one, but we would see once I get there and look at the fan if we need to replace it or fix it. She asked if we sold solar fans? Yes, I replied. I began to tell her about our solar fans.

But if the solar fan can not be repaired, we would replace it, no question asked. Our solar power fans are made out of aluminum Whisper Quiet Poly vinyl Blades, Variable Speed 24V Brushless Motor.

The housing has a Corrosion Resistant Powder Coated Finish, Protective Animal Screen, Hail, and Wind Resistant Design. All controlled by a Smart Technology: 85° on, 70° off, and Humidity Sensory: 75% on, 60%. Old Solar Power Fan Replacement is Free.

She replied that it does not sound like the one I have on my roof. That it was some by some big company, and she didn’t even remember the name who even did it, but they said it was Warranty for life or at least she thought it was.

I explained ours does come with a lifetime warranty, no questions asked. If it quits working, we exchange it or fix it.

OK, let’s set a time so I can take a look at it. 

So we did. During the time I was waiting to see it. I thought, what could be wrong with it? Perhaps it was the fan, the safety switch, or even the solar panel not charging. I have Installed lots of solar power attic fans over the years.

Many different reasons why they quit working; many of them are motor. They stop working, and sometimes you will find a nest or a bunch of debris. So as time went by, it was finally time to look at this fan.

Appointment Time

I showed up at her house. She had a modest two-story house, so I went to the front door, introduced myself, and met the lady of the house. She told me the solar power fan was on the back of the roof,

so I told her, OK, I’ll get my ladder, and I’ll go up and look and see what’s wrong. And I’ll take pictures and that way I can show you what is wrong with it—an old Solar Power Fan Replacement for free.

So I went out and got my ladder and went to the backyard, set it up, and climbed to the top of the roof. The homeowners were right; it wasn’t running. The solar panel was remote from the fan. I went to take off the cover of the fan.

The body started crumbling. It was made entirely of plastic. The wire mass would keep rodents from making a nest or entering the attic. Protective Animal Screenwas not even made of steel. It was some screen-like stuff that you would put on a window at home. 


I finally got the top of it off, and there was a nest inside the fan area. The wires mass was chewed up, and the motor was full of debris. It was even probably had some water in the unit at some point.

I took pictures of the solar power fan. Then I went back down the ladder. I showed her the photos of the unit on top of her house. How could this happen, she asked. I replied because it was a product that was not made very well—an old Solar Power Fan Replacement for free.

Best Solar Power Attic Fan

Hail and Wind Resistant Design

Again, I explained that our product was not made of aluminum and that it would not allow any roads to get inside because of the aluminum mesh that surrounded the area where the airflow was. The air flowed out from the attic.

Our whole shell outside was made of Corrosion Resistant Powder Coated Finish, Hail, and Wind Resistant Design, and we had a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty for anything that happened to the fan.

Then we would come out and either fix it and replace the parts or completely replace it. No questions asked. Our Solar attic fan services are top-notch.

So she agreed that she needed a new one, so we installed a new fan for her. It even looked better than the old one. And afterward, I handed her a form that would give her a 26% credit on her taxes for installing a new solar-powered attic fan.


Pictures below will show what the fan looked like once I got up on top of the roof and looked at it and investigated what was wrong with it, as you can see. The solar fan was not made with excellent quality; it was all plastic, and the mesh was nothing but no more than a screen that you stuck on your window at home to keep the bugs out.

Our solar attic fan comes with a lifetime warranty, and as I stated before, you can replace any part of the fan, or we will replace the fan, no question asked—old Solar Power Fan Replacement for free.

Replace Solar Attic Fan Question

 So what would you rather have on top of your roof? one made of plastic? Or a fan that can be repaired and has a lifetime warranty, made with material like aluminum. Solar attic fan replacement parts are all plug-and-play. Solar attic fan motor replacement is a feature of our fans.

So if you’re going to spend the money, you might as well buy a good one, instead of wasting your money on one made of plastic. Because the plastic in heat will not last very long, we all know that—old Solar Power Fan Replacement for free.

How do you replace a solar attic fan?

You would start but see if you have the right fan because you can make the hole bigger but not smaller.

How long do solar-powered fans last?

A lifetime warranty backs our solar power fan.

Why did my solar attic fan stop working?

Sometimes it is because of how the solar power fan is manufactured and their parts. Or maybe a part wore out.

Is there such a thing as a solar-powered fan?

Yes, we sell a solar power fan, a solar power attic fan.

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