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Duct Insulation, HVAC Duct Insulation


Duct Insulation Double Bubble Foil/Foil Reflective Insulation. It is designed for duct, pipe, water heater, and garage door insulation. Order and save!

Duct Insulation

Duct Insulation Singel Bubble Foil/Foil Reflective Insulation are designed for types of duct, pipe, water heater,

HVAC duct wrap insulation products, Keep the cold and hot air flowing with hvac duct insulation.

Winter months keep your warm air flowing. Save on your energy bill by sealing your HVAC wrap insulation.

Duck Wrap Insulation House
Wrap Insulation

Product Information

Clean, lightweight, easy to install

Class A / Class 1 Fire Rating

High Thermal R-Values

It saves energy and money

Vapor retardant

Product Description One layer of 1/8″ barrier bubble film laminated between one layer of reflective metalized film and one layer of white polyethylene.
Contact Temperature Range -60°F to 180°F (-51°C to 82°C)
Thickness 1/8 inch nominal
Water Vapor Transmission .02 perms ASTM E96
Puncture Resistance 60lbs/in
Pliability No Cracking
Linear Shrinkage None
Mold and Mildew No Growth
Flame Spread 0 ASTM E84-08
Smoke Development 20 ASTM E84-08
Fire Rating Class A/Class 1

Class Rating

A class 1 fire rating is the best fire rating of materials that can be achieved.
Class A fire ratings indicate a flame spread rating between zero and 25.
Materials that fall into Class A or Class 1 include brick, gypsum wallboard, and fiber cement exterior materials.


Ductwork Insulation Singel Bubble Foil/Foil Reflective Insulation.

Yes, you will get better cold air or warm air from your HAVC system to the room.

Yes, types of duct insulation to save energy.

Depending on how many feet of duct you have.


Single Bubble 4'x75' 300 sqft, Single Bubble 4'x125' 500sqft


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