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Garage Vent Tube, Garage Exhaust Fan Tube, Shop Vent Fan


This Garage Vent Tube is the easy way to control the temperature inside your garage, install a solar attic fan, attach a garage vent to the solar attic fan and run it to your garage.

Garage Vent Tube, Power by Solar Attic Fan

A garage Vent Tube is an easy way to control the temperature inside your garage. Install a solar attic fan, and attach a garage vent to the solar fan.

When the garage hits 80 degrees, the solar fan will kick on. Exhaust the hot air out of your garage. You are saving energy and controlling the temperature inside your garage.

The Garage Vent Kit adds to any roof or curbs mount unit. An adapter sleeve is installed to the underside of the fan assembly, creating an air-tight venting system that pulls hot air out of your garage.

Kit includes 8 feet of Type 5 ETL Listed flexible duct piping. The duct pipe connects to the attic fan and ceiling fixture with two aluminum adapter sleeves. Includes all hardware and installation instructions.

An attractive trim ring holds a specially designed vent screen to allow air to move freely up and out of the venting system. The white powder-coated aluminum trim ring is easily installed on the garage ceiling.

The garage vent kit can be installed on,

16 watt: up to 1,184 cfms (1,300 sf)
32 watt: up to 1,560 cfms (2,200 sf)
48 watt: up to 1,881 cfms (2,825 sf)

Product PDF Download


Easy Installation
25 Year Product Warranty

Garage Vent Kit Includes
Two Adapter Sleeves
8 Feet Flexible Duct Pipe
Attractive White Ceiling Vent
All Hardware Needed

A radiation Damper is Available.

Roof Types the Garage Vent Tube can be installed on,

Flat Roof
Sloped Roof
Asphalt, Tile, Clay
Wood Shake

Common Applications

Mostly used residential homes, Workshops, shades, car repair shops, and a small warehouse. For home, use it in your garage to help with radiant heat build-up. Garage Vent Tube available for any model size roof or curb mounted solar attic fan (sold separately).


Use a solar attic fan and attach a tube to your garage.

Taking out hot air from the garage.

So it does not get too hot in your garage. Use as a Garage ventilation fan or shop vent fan.

8 Feet Flexible Duct Pipe.

Vent type

Garage vent, Garage vent with damper kit


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