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Radiant Barrier Agriculture Insulation, Livestock Insulation


Radiant Barrier Agriculture according to the US Dept. of Agriculture, animals will develop faster and be less prone to illness. Order and Save!

Radiant Barrier Agriculture

Radiant Barrier Agriculture reflective insulation is an ideal replacement for fiberglass in an agricultural setting. Radiant Barrier Agriculture reflective insulation minimizes the “Black-Globe effect.”

Helps Animals

Lessens the amount of food and water needed to feed chickens, turkeys, hogs, and other livestock. And according to the US Dept. of Agriculture, animals will develop faster and be less prone to illness.

Radiant Barrier Agriculture


  1. Thickest and strongest radiant barrier product on the market.
  2. Available in perforated or solid
  3. Corrosive resistant
  4. UV Inhibitor added
  5. Eliminates “Black-Globe-Effect” –
  6. Allows for easier and quicker installation.
  7. Available in extended widths,


Product Information

  1. Product Description One side reflective, one white side film with polyethylene woven reinforcement.
  2. Weight 32 lbs per 1000 sq ft roll
  3. Tensile/Tear Strength Length: 21.49 pounds-force
  4. : 24.56 pounds force ASTM D2261
  5. Pliability 70°F±5°F & 50±5% Relative Humidity –
  6. No Cracking or Delamination
  7. ASTM C1313-05
  8. Adhesive Performance 180°F±5°F & 50% Relative
  9. Humidity – control
  10. No Bleeding or Delamination
  11. ASTM C1313-05
  12. Flame Spread & Smoke Class A/ Class 1
  13. 0 Flame Spread, 5 Smoke Development
  14. ASTM Method E84-10
  15. Resistance to Fungi
  16. PASS – No Growth
  17. ASTM C1338-08
  18. Permeability 6.29 Perms
  19. ASTM E96-05
  20. Thermal Properties EMISSIVITY: 0.05
  22. ASTM C1371-04a


Whether outdoors or indoors, in temperatures exceeding 78° F, animals absorb a tremendous amount of radiant energy from the sun.

Although the animal may be confined to a building, the "black-globe effect" on the animal is the same as if it were 10 to 20° F higher than the air temperature.

Animals in higher-temperature environments don't farewell. In addition to other problems, this makes weight gain harder to achieve and diminishes dairy production amounts.

Energy Saving Solution recognizes poultry houses are unique environments that require a sturdy, durable, and substantial poultry curtain material.

Radiant Barrier Agriculture is a Poultry House Curtains that provide zero molds and fungus growth. It has a special UV-inhibitor alongside an anti-corrosive coating.

This protects it from UV degradation and the corrosive environment in poultry barns. The Barrier is explicitly formulated with properties that provide outstanding, long-lasting performance as a Poultry House Curtain.


500 sqft, 1000 sqft


perforated, solid


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