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Radiant Barrier Plus, Attic Insulation


Radiant Barrier Plus radiant barrier will surf over the existing insulation without bunching up or crinkling. Available in 500 or 1,000 sq. ft. rolls.

Radiant Barrier Plus

A radiant barrier is designed for the professional or commercial installer. Radiant Barrier Plus, the barrier is thicker and heavier than Radiant Barrier,

which makes the material easier to install. Radiant is also strong enough to be stapled to the attic rafters without ripping or tearing.

Why do you need Radiant Barrier?

The attic insulation will heat up because of radiant heat. Making the interior of your home hot. Hot insulation, hot home.

A radiant barrier reflexed the heat back to the roof, which helps prevent the attic insulation from heating up.

Cool attic insulation means a more comfortable home. This DIY product will make your home feel like a shade tree was thrown over your house. Saving you energy.


For DIYers, the barrier insulation can be laid over existing insulation. Measure the space needed, or look up year county tax information, Total square feet needed to be covered.

Place it on the attic floor over the existing insulation, and staple the material into place. Attic Radiant Barrier will surf over the existing insulation without bunching up or crinkling.

You will need to understand how to measure the footprint of your home. Also, how to measure the pitch of your roof. It will give you how many square feet of radiant barrier you need. It is just an estimate.

Please see the How to install Radiant Barrier article. To see how to install the barrier.

Product Information

Flame Spread & Smoke

Class A/ Class 1

0 Flame Spread, 5 Smoke Development

ASTM Method E84-10

Product Description

radiant barrier material

A two-sided reflecting metalized film with polyethylene weaved reinforcement mass.

perforated radiant barrier

Meets new ASTM E84 and E2599 fire code

Clean, lightweight, strong

It saves money and energy


Easy to handle

Radiant Barrier installation requires no special tools or clothing.

Does not promote the growth of fungi or bacteria.

Provides no nest support for rodent or insect pests.

Requires maintenance

No maintenance is required.


Yes, it will save money on your energy bill.

Yes, it makes your attic insulation more effective.

Years, it will last over a 50-year warranty. It is made in the USA!

Roll Size

500sqft, 1000sqft


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