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Skylights Tubular, Naturel Lighting, Daylighting Device


Skylights Tubular is nature’s way of giving you free light inside your home. Hurricane rated. Saving Energy Today and Tomorrow! Order Now!

Skylights Tubular

Skylights Tubular is a tubular daylighting device that lets free light inside your home, garage, workshop, bathroom, or cabin. Even in the daylight, we need to turn on the lights to see what we are doing.

Which uses electricity, install a skylight to save energy. The best tubular skylights on the market. That’s free light, no electricity to operate the light. Skylights can be compared to a light bulb but free light.

Light Coverage


Available Sizes: 10″, 13″, 18″

Skylights Save Energy!

Skylights are nature’s way of giving you free light inside your home. Hurricane, tornado win rated.

Skylight Inside Light

Choice of curved or flat diffusers in either soft white or prismatic designs

Seamless, Commercial Grade Aluminum
The patented reflective system redirects light. Tubular Skylights Light Pipe has a total reflectivity of 98%.
Florida Building Code Approved for HVHZ

Flashing For Skylights

Flashing Colors: Bronze, Black, or Mill Finish
Curb Styles: Roof Mounted or Curbed Mounted
The complete kit includes all components and hardware for a 4′ install.


Yes, it adds light to our homes with our using electricity.

Tube lights, do tubular skylights work? Yes

We give twenty-five years warranty, They last longer than 25yrs.

They put out for a 10" - 150 sq ft, 300 watts, 150sq ft, 13" - 300 sq ft, 500 watts, 300sq ft, and a 18" - 500 sq ft, 1,000 watts, 500sq ft of light.


10" – 150 sqft, 300 watts, 13" – 300 sqft, 500 watts, 18" – 500 sqft, 1,000 watts,

Flashing Colors

Bronze, Black, Mill Finish


curved, flat

Light Color

soft white, prismatic

Roof Type

Pitch Roof, Flat Roof, Curb Mount Roof


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