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Why do you need Radiant Barrier?

Hot Attic Insulation, Radiant Heat

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Why do you need Radiant Barrier?

Global warming is a big concern, but we need to pay attention. Over the years, temperatures have risen slightly. They have gone up anywhere from 14° to 32°.

That’s significant Earth’s temperature has increased by 0.14° F (0.08° C) per decade since 1880. The rate of warming over the past 40 years is more than twice that: 0.32° F (0.18° C) per decade since 1981.

And some of the country’s temperatures have increased by more than 70°, which is tremendous. As global warming continues, it will cost us more and more to cool our homes.

Energy cost is going up, an average 1.35% to 20%. Which is a huge markup and takes a lot of money. Even if we were to clean up all the waste, quit driving gas vehicles, and drive greener vehicles. Global warming is here to stay.

Causes for Global Warming

Even the oceans are rising, and we are losing land. The leading causes of global warming are overfishing, industrial, and farming. The more we use transportation, vehicles, oil drilling, power plants, and waste. The more we have global warming effects.

We still would not be able to repair the damage that we have already caused. So, unfortunately, gas prices and utility prices will continue going up. You can blame it on inflation that might be part of it, but in reality, it is the need that we have for power.

If the energy cost keeps going, we are not going to be able to afford to cool our homes. Especially if we keep warming up the temperatures outside, is it going to be challenging to keep our homes warmer? 

Between the warming of the Earth in utilities cost to keep on going up. Other avenues need to be looked at to reduce greenhouse emissions and energy consumption. Which, in return, puts money back into our pockets.

 World Globe
Your Small Part

Your Small Part

Why do you need Radiant Barrier? The best way to do this is to make sure you have insulation in your attic and a radiant barrier installed in your attic. It is a simple DIY project that you can have a couple of buddies over and drink some beer and barbecue and accomplish a great mission on saving energy.

Why do you need Radiant Barrier?

A radiant barrier reflects the radiant heat sent down from the heat of your roof into your attic insulation and drags down into your living space. And then you’re fighting to keep the temperature cool enough in your house, so you don’t sweat as much. Or at least you’re comfortable sitting around drinking beer with your buddies and eating that lovely barbecue that you just cooked up.

Worth It

In that case, putting in radiant is very worth it. It will lower your temperature in your attic, which will translate to lower temperatures inside your house. So you do not have to fight the thermostat to keep it cool in your home. A radiant barrier reflects the heat up where it belongs through your roof and outside. It doesn’t belong inside your attic, which gets inside your insulation, and well, you know what goes on from there. It makes your barbecue and drinking a beer uncoverable place.


Why do you need Radiant Barrier? So it’s a win-win situation for you to install a radiant barrier. Once you reduce the temperature in your attic, that goes to your love spaces. You get to enjoy the savings because your AC unit isn’t cycling as often to keep your living space cool. And the best thing is, the very most important part of all you reduce greenhouse emissions which cause the Earth to warm.

Cleaning Mold


Radiant Barrier reflects the radiant heat, but it also reduces moisture buildup, which causes mold and fungi, which is all bad for breathing. So in a way, you’re protecting your family. Especially if you live in places where you get a lot of rain, you don’t want mold building up in your attic.

Why do you need Radiant Barrier?

Because one you’re not going to see it, and two by the time you see it. It will be very severe, and it will cost you a lot of money to repair it or remove the mold. 

Why Do You Need Radiant Barrier?
Do Our Part

Do our Part

We cannot help the utility companies keep charging us more money. Because they have to pay more out for labor and materials and all the other stuff that comes with running a company.

So, therefore, let’s put a radiant barrier in your attic and save some money, and put it back in our pockets. So we can enjoy more barbecues and more beers with our friends and family. Let us do our part to turn around and ensure that we have a better place for our kids and their kids. “Saving energy for today and tomorrow.”

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