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Will you save energy?


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Will you save energy?

We can talk all day about saving energy; some will listen, and some will not. We have read many things about how to save energy. But what works? That’s the question.

Nuclear Plant

Over 30 years of experience have taught us that to save energy. You don’t need to put a solar system on your roof. It is too expensive, and maintenance alone is costly for the design. Not to mention that if you have to have your roof replaced, it adds cost to the roof re-roof of your house.

Attic Heat

So we know that when it comes to saving energy, the attic heat is very costly. Heat can decrease your roof shingle’s life. Extra-high heat softens the asphalt shingles. Which losses the durability of the shingles. It makes your AC unit overwork. It will heat your insulation and trickle down into your living space.

We can’t combat this by simply adding a solar attic fan to your roof and getting the hot air out of your attic. not alone does it get the heat out, but it also helps with moisture. So you don’t end up with mold damage. Water can collect and go onto your walls, ending in your living space and causing even more damage.

Hot Attic Insulation, Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat

Also, we know that radiant heat is horrible for your insulation. So installing a radiant barrier will enhance your insulation by cooling it, and it will stay cool. So the heat goes down into your living space, which reduces the heat inside your living space. It’s like throwing a shade tree over your house.

Also, the radiant barrier will help reduce your HVAC systems cycling, so it doesn’t turn on and off as much throughout the day and evening. Also, reduce the wear of the system.

Solar Attic Fan

Solar Attic Fans are the most energy-saving tool of all tools. Removing the hot air from your attic is key to a more comfortable home. Plue removes moisture from the attic, which causes damage to your home.

So these two products together work hand-in-hand and help you reduce your energy use even if we save $50-$60 a month on our utilities, which is enormous as far as carbon footprint. 

We know that everything has a carbon footprint, and it affects us in many ways. So that being said, solar attic fan and the radiant barrier are the answer for us to save energy.

Save Energy

Little thangs you can do

Of course, don’t forget that you can do little things like turn off the lights when you’re not in the room, fix a drippy Fossett, or use smart plugs for all your electronics.

Unplugging small appliances when you’re not in use will save on utility bills. It takes more energy to run a desktop computer than a laptop computer. Also, please don’t leave your printer on standby. Turn it completely off; that way, it is not using any electricity. Take it one step further, unplug it entirely, and plug it back in when needed because you don’t print every second of the day.

Save Energy, Led Light, Energy Efficient Home Improvements, Five Bulb Lights

Also, switching your old-fashioned Edison lightbulbs to energy saver LEDs is fantastic. You are getting 3 W of power that replaces a 60 W bulb which is a considerable saving.

Also, your intelligent lighting has motion sensors on it. The light turns on when you enter a room and turn off a few seconds after you leave your room.

Personal Chaise

So with all this, saving energy is a personal choice, and we all need to make that choice because utility bills are going up and up and if you believe in global warming or the heat index continuing to rise. Help stop global warming. Do your part.

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